The Wentworth connection

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As Gary Boyd Roberts announced yesterday, Meghan Markle has a distant kinship to Prince Harry through their shared descent from Sir Philip Wentworth (died 1464) and his wife Mary Clifford. While Gary continues to work on much of American ancestry, especially her forebears in colonial New England, I’ve composed the chart at left from his notes. This outlines the three closest kinships between Meghan and Harry that have so far been identified – two through Harry’s mother and one through his father. As Gary has noted, there are hundreds of other ways they would be distantly related.

I’ve also been working on Meghan Markle’s American ancestors, so stay tuned!

Notes on the above chart:

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Chris Child has worked for various departments at NEHGS since 1997 and became a full-time employee in July 2003. He has been a member of NEHGS since the age of eleven. He has written several articles in American Ancestors, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, and The Mayflower Descendant. He is the co-editor of The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton (NEHGS, 2011), co-author of The Descendants of Judge John Lowell of Newburyport, Massachusetts (Newbury Street Press, 2011) and Ancestors and Descendants of George Rufus and Alice Nelson Pratt (Newbury Street Press, 2013), and author of The Nelson Family of Rowley, Massachusetts (Newbury Street Press, 2014). Chris holds a B.A. in history from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.

8 thoughts on “The Wentworth connection

  1. Thank you for the chart and resources at the end of the article. I’m a Wentworth descendant. My most recent Wentworth was my 2x great grandmother. I will pour through the chart and your resources looking to see if I can discover common ancestors between Harry and me as well as between Meghan and me. Always fun to claim kinship, no matter how distant, to the famous!

  2. More please! Much more!! Thanks, Chris. Also to Gary & the rest of the staff. Bet you will turn over some really interesting rocks.

  3. I’ve got the entire ancestry of Mary Hussey Smith 1822-1908 in my database at with title Town of Stratham 1716-2016. MHS has alot of kin from Stratham.

  4. Meghan is a descendant of Christopher Hussey, one of the original settlers of Nantucket. That makes her distant cousin to about half of the people living there, including my husband who is twice descended from him.

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