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Michelle holds a Master’s degree in History from Salem State University where she specialized in women in colonial New England. She completed her Bachelor’s degree with concentrations in history and gender studies from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Michelle has a background in public history and has worked with the National Archives and Records Administration in Waltham, MA, Beverly Historical Society and the Sargent House in Gloucester Massachusetts. Her research interests include, women’s history, society and culture, early America and the American Revolution.

A Boston blueprint

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I was recently enlisted to help my boyfriend clean out his mother’s basement; while not the most exciting of tasks, it actually led to an interesting historical discovery. Throughout this process we came across the usual repertoire of items that eventually made their way into a long-term storage area: unused kitchen appliances, tools and craft supplies, as well as old toys and keepsakes. However, in moving things around, one object in particular caught my attention. It was a large framed photo of a building. Continue reading A Boston blueprint